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We are a public/private partnership established to promote participation of freedom loving patriots in Rhode Island policy discussions.

Although 40% of Rhode Islanders vote for conservatives, extreme gerrymandering for the past 7 decades has muted their voice and, ultimately, the effective representation of opposing viewpoints. This imbalance has delivered lesser results for our hardworking residents.

Over the past few years, this representational bias has eroded our freedoms.  Unfortunately, without opposition, the pace is accelerating. 


All good people who want to preserve our liberties, who want to limit the reach of government into their lives and their wallets, who want the ability to make responsible choices for themselves and who are alarmed by the leftist tilt of Rhode Island’s political and public landscape are invited to step forward and help.

Together we will join the battle for freedom. And together we will make a difference.

Leftist organizations have been organizing for decades.  They have refined their message, secured funding and are infiltrating ever larger swaths of the political and social landscape. They are a formidable opponent.


How do we fight?

We must organize.


On the local level we can bring together people of like mind around issues we care about.

Tell me what concerns you and I will connect you with other like minded patriots.


Thanks for signing up!

It only takes a few committed people to make a difference.  It takes a clear vision and a willingness to work.  It takes a division of labor to get the necessary tasks done. It takes care and concern. 


It’s easier than it sounds, because the work is light when you share it with others who have a commitment to the same cause. 


With a beginning nucleus of as few as four patriots, you can make a difference. Are you willing?

Once you form your Freedom Pod, contact Patricia at to have her join your fight.

How to Begin?

Find a few like-minded friends and form a Freedom Pod.

Divide the tasks:

Every task can be accomplished with one of more patriots depending on size of the group.  As you grow, everyone should have something to do to increase the success of the pod. Every person is responsible to its viability.


Attend town council and school committee meetings.


Research what is happening in other municipalities and states.

Search for information that will help the group inform themselves and others. 

External Communication/social media

Establish social media platforms and website.  


Maintain these sites with fresh material.  


Write and send press releases, as needed.


Write Letters to the Editors and Opinion pieces and send to appropriate media organizations. 

Scheduling and Internal communication

Find a meeting space and schedule gatherings.

Compile and maintain the membership contact information and send notices.

Send welcome letters to new members.

Recruitment and Outreach

Every Member is responsible for bringing new members to the group. There is strength in numbers, so constantly adding to the membership, not only helps by spreading out the research and communication tasks, but also magnifies your effectiveness in spreading your message and countering your opponents.

My Commitment to You

I will use my position in the General Assembly to give visibility to your issues.

I will use my social media platforms to spread the word.

I will help to connect interested people to your pod using my website and social media.


Together we can form a defense against the encroachment of leftist policy and ideology in our lives, our families and our government institutions. One person cannot do it alone, but together we can make a difference!

If not now, then when? If not you, then who?


Join the Freedom Caucus.

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