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Over the past year seven years as a representative and now as Minority Leader, I have traveled across our state, meeting with many of you face-to-face.

It’s clear to me that regardless of party, Rhode Islanders want a government that is efficient, effective and, by staying as small as possible, helps each of us live better, more financially secure lives. It is troubling that too many of the people I have talked with are disheartened.  And even worse that they are planning to leave Rhode Island when they retire. 
I have been working to bring better, common sense ideas to our state.  I want you to have a brighter, better, more financially secure future and I am ready and willing to work hard to make it happen.  


That's why I'm excited to take the next step and explore the opportunity of running for Governor. 

I cannot do it without your help and will be spending these next few summer months talking to Rhode Islanders about what they are looking for from their next leader. 
First, I need financial support.  It’s simply not possible to win without the resources to spread my message.  
Contribute $10, $25, $50 or whatever you can give to help us get off to a strong start. 
Just as important, I’d like your opinion on issues and the direction of our state.  
Can you please take this quick, 5-question survey to let us know what issues matter most to you?

My goal, should I run for governor, would be to unify the people of Rhode Island around our common goals.  That is why your answers are so important to me.

Should I run, I will work tirelessly to achieve these goals. I will be a governor for all Rhode Islanders and I will take our campaign to every corner of the state. Together, we will get Rhode Island back on track, grow our economy and create good jobs now -- and for the next generation.

I am committed to working harder than anyone ever has -- and hope you will 
stand with me today.

I appreciate your support and feedback!

Thank you,

Patricia Morgan
P.S. Please stand with me by donating today.
The Governor has already raised MILLIONS of dollars! 

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