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Patricia Morgan

for State Rep - District 26
Leadership - Experience - Dedication

 Better Jobs, Lower Taxes, An Improved Quality of Life

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Our campaign is driven by people across Rhode Island who are committed to fighting for lower taxes, better jobs, and a more fiscally restrained government.


Patricia can be found walking through Coventry, Warwick and West Warwick.  If you don't see her and want to hear the latest, sign-up and join the team today.


Residents of the 26th House District can always reach Patricia with issues that concern them.  Patricia ran for office to make the lives of all Rhode Islanders better.


GOP Rep. Patricia Morgan becomes first woman elected R.I. House minority leader

Providence Journal

House Republicans have elected West Warwick Rep. Patricia Morgan, who frequently clashed with House leadership this year, their new minority leader.

She is the first woman to hold the position, according to House Minority Office staff.

Bill would prohibit teaching 'divisive concepts' on race in RI

Providence Journal

A bill that would restrict the way schools teach the role of race in American history has provoked heated criticism from educators, parents and other Rhode Islanders. 

The bill — sponsored by Rep. Patricia Morgan of West Warwick, the former minority leader of the Rhode Island House, and fellow Republican Reps. George Nardone of Coventry and Sherry Roberts of West Greenwich — is similar in intent to at least a half-dozen bills before various state legislators, including New Hampshire’s. 

Morgan’s bill would prevent schools from teaching that the state of Rhode Island or the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist, and that an individual, “by virtue of their race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the past” on account of their race or sex. 

RI State Rep. Patricia Morgan: Keep Critical Race Theory Out of Schools

Legal Insurrection

Rhode Island House Representative Patricia Morgan filed a proposed bill that would prohibit the teaching in public schools or by entities that receive public fundings of concepts, like Critical Race Theory, that demonize or attempt to shame people based on race.


Introducing her proposed legislation: “Leave those children alone. Stop subjecting them to neo-racism and race shaming. It’s destructive…. We would never accept race shaming if it was directed towards black school children. We should not accept it when it’s directed at white school children. And that is what is happening in our schools.”

Republican lawmaker proposes bill to ban critical race theory

Fox News

Patrica Morgan R-RI, discusses the proposal to ban 'divisive concepts' on 'FOX News @ Night'

Rhode Island Republicans propose ban on critical race theory

Fox News

Rep. Patricia Morgan discusses the bill that would prohibit the teaching of divisive concepts to children.

Patricia Fights To Ban Critical Race Theory In Schools
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